Raising the Dead

Do you have dreams that seem dead? Is there something you were believing for, but this extended season of silence has you believing they are gone? It might be that you think your dream is too big? Perhaps circumstances have destroyed the possibilities?

We have a God of resurrection power. His ways are not our ways. Redemption of a dream may not look the way you expected. What you thought was dead may be lying dormant or through another door that you’re denying. With one word, Jesus can bring dead dreams back to life.

If this is something God wants for your life, then there is NO WAY He designed it for you to do on your own.

dead things to life, God raises dead things, dreams, dead dreams, dream on, lean on God, your dreams are not deadGod plants dreams that are beyond your reach of doing on your own. He whispers audacious, crazy, and unimaginable ideas to your timid heart in hope that the impossibility of the idea would drive your dependence on Him.

The things that have you afraid are designed to buckle your knees. Feelings of fear might have your thoughts caught in a knotted up net of your own limitations. You are not created to carry the burden. God knows you can’t do this on your own.

Your weakness reveals the need for God’s strength.

The purpose of a ‘walking on water’ dream is to draw you out of the boat and into deeper waters with Him. Do you trust Jesus when he says, ‘do not be afraid’?

He hears your desperation. Bring your unbearable requests to the One who gave them to you. Trust is a beautiful thing when grace is there to catch you when you fall.

Through the hesitancy when you want to grip tighter to the things you can see, God is speaking into your pain and asking you to open your hand, release your heart, and trust Him with all that you can’t. Trust He has possibilities for your problems and back doors out of your brokenness.

God has something significant He wants to do in you, through you. And in His power, the Almighty will be the one accomplishing it, not you.

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