Love A Friend Today

love a friend, valentines day is for loving everyone, let someone know you love themGo next door and say hello.

Write a letter; “Hey friend, I want you to hear this from me… I’m a better person because of your beautiful soul in my life’.

Make a phone call and splurge on the anytime minutes just to share a breath together.

Find a cheap plane ticket, buy one and show up.

Open your heart to the possibilities of what love can do and wrap your arms around someone who means the world to you today.

There is only one thing we live for – to share with others the love of Christ. It’s the only thing that will bear fruit in our lives. And it will always leave the mark of God’s power.

You can only share the love that is in your heart so ask the Lord to draw you in a little closer and thrill your soul a little deeper with His love so that the overflow will spill out and flood the places you land. May the Lord infuse your words and actions with the expression of His grace today, and allow you to soak up the experience of it all.

It’s a great day to get up and step into the adventure of loving a friend lavishly!

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3 thoughts on “Love A Friend Today

  1. I’ll be there Thursday…just kidding. It would be fun though! CD release party at Elevation on February 5th. 🙂

    • It made me smile to see you chime in here with a “I’ll be there Thursday”, George. You’re fun! Love you, Brother. On the real side, I did book a ticket to go meet someone I’ve never met… simply because she’s been asking to meet for a couple years now. She’s retired and lives in Florida. Well, I just can’t think of a better place to be in February than the deep southern parts of Florida 🙂 Looking forward to Elevation’s newest CD!