The Process of Preparation

What God promised will come to pass. Sometimes, it just takes longer than you expected.

Often when God plants a dream in your heart, He sends you back to the shepherd’s field to work out the things below the surface; character, faithfulness, humility, patience, obedience.

God's plan, my plan, God is preparing you, the process of preparationYou might be ready for what you have in mind, but you may not be ready for what God has in mind.

His plans are bigger than your willing heart can fathom. He not only knows where He’s taking you, He knows what it’s going to take to keep you there.

As much as you want this dream to happen sooner, if it came before you were ready, the blessing would be more of a burden.

Did you know that a Chinese bamboo plant spends its first four years establishing a root system underground? It barely shows any progress above ground during this time, but in the fifth year the plant shoots up to 80 feet in the air. What makes the fifth year possible is the four years of preparation.

You might not see progress on the surface of your life, but the roots are growing down deep inside. When God knows you’re prepared, your ‘suddenly’ will happen.

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