The One Thing That Lasts Forever

Bill Hybels quote,, see where God takes you, push the throttle, challenge to live, life wide open to GodWhat are you going to do with your life that will last forever? How will you outlive your earthly accomplishments? Here’s what I know: people are the only thing that makes it to the next life.

This is your one and only life. What are you going to do with it?

Some need to give up the chase for more money, more accomplishments, and more thrill-seeking tales. Others need to make the choice to just let go of control and self doubt. How much clearance does God really have to call the shots in your life?

Bill Hybels says, “I challenge you to push the throttle as far as you can push it, and live your life wide open to God. See where He takes you. I have a feeling you’ll never regret it.”

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