Take the Limits Off God

take the limits off God, ask for the courage to expect more, courage of expectation, trishakeehn.comIt’s tempting to ask for the strength to endure the demands in front of you, but the next time you come face to face with a fight, I challenge you to ask for the courage to expect more than enough from the hand of God.

You were promised a land flowing with milk and honey. Be careful that your vision doesn’t twist your expectation.

Your circumstances can cause you to come to the throne praying for a ‘barely get by’ solution when you’re asking an ‘abundant’ God.

It’s tempting to ask God to make a broken vase useful while He holds the power to give you five new ones.

Let’s take the limits off of God and pray for His promises; full restoration of your health, fulfillment in your days, beauty for the ashes, joy in the morning, surrounded by favor, blessings that will chase you down, goodness and mercy following you all of your days, that whatever you touch will prosper and succeed, you’ll be paid back double for the unfair situations, and you’ll be given the desires of your heart.

No more ‘just help me’ pleas. Trust Him. And expect His promises to propel you into your purpose beyond your circumstances.

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