Our Riches Are All The Same

This morning while in line at Starbucks, a very corporate looking man in front of me presented a $100 bill to the barista at the till in hopes that the register could make change for his $3 coffee. Time began to pass as the store was having a hard time scraping up enough money to make change. With my pocket book in hand, I stepped forward and offered up five $20 bills to the gentleman in exchange for his one large bill.


What dawned on me in that moment was that our ‘riches’ were the same. Sure his looked different than mine- this guy had a really big bill and mine were each pretty small in comparison, but standing at the register, all that mattered was the total and we had exactly the same amount.


I thought about this in terms of the ‘riches’ we offer to God. Many of us don’t have one really big ministry or large leading to offer, but we do have smaller deposits we’re making every day. And when we step up to ‘the till’ or Heaven’s gate, it doesn’t matter if we present  one really big offering or several smaller stories dedicated to the devotion of our Lord, because in God’s eyes, it all equals the same!

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