Living Without Limits

When God sees you, He sees unlimited possibility. He sees unlimited potential. He sees unlimited resources. God’s grace and favor in your life enables you to become what He sees. He is faithful.

“He raised us up together with Him…that He might clearly demonstrate through the ages to come the immeasurable (limitless, surpassing) riches of His free grace (His unmerited favor)…” Ephesians 2:6-7

I’ve been listening to Pastor Judah Smith speak at my church ( about God’s agape love for us. We have a God who knows the past and doesn’t hold it against us, but we also serve a God who knows the future and all the painful decisions we’re about to make, and He still doesn’t hold that against us. He loves us in the present. His love prevails today.

This concept rocked my world to think of the unchanging love of God. I set limits on my life because I don’t understand this kind of faithfulness. I cannot comprehend this kind of non-judgmental goodness. A God who knows darkness and still showers us in love.

I limit God’s work of love in my life because I don’t fully understand His unfading affections. I limit God in my thinking and doubt that He can still love me, with all His might, in my moment of weakness. I limit my steps with unbelief that He will catch me when I go broke and fall.

It’s a struggle to separate my conditional kind of love from the unconditional nature of God.

I’m thinking about in the book of Mark when Jesus couldn’t do mighty works in a particular town because of the unbelief of the people? The limits I put on my life can prevent the hand of Jesus from doing a work here.

Pastor Judah put it in perspective: God loves bad people. God doesn’t waste His love.

I felt so empowered by this. Even when I’m a bad person, God is loving me in that moment. There’s nothing that can hinder or diminish His kind of love.

Just this past week I struggled through a broken heart, burdened by heart beatloneliness from the Father. Today, my passion is blazing once again. Free in His everlasting love. My heart is awakened to His devotion, His love, not mine. In confidence, I’m stepping out in faith and expectancy. I know He created a life of open doors for His work to be accomplished, and I’m ready to walk through them. Multiply it, Lord.

I’m losing the limits. I’m ready to live the limitless life He has prepared for me!

Father, Your unlimited love and grace astonishes me. I know You have good things in store for me. Help me to remove the limits I’ve projected on my life and live in the abundant joy of Your surpassing love. I give You everything that I am and ask that You use me for Your glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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