Hello world!

Welcome to a new .com for me.

Spring cleaning can get rid of the clutter, but when all that’s left is valuable content, we’ve got to move into a bigger place with potential to grow.

A look around the place and it is clear I have just received the keys, and haven’t yet unpacked the widgets or painted the walls. Moving into a new space is exciting but it sure does take a lot more work than anticipated!

The welcome mat is at least in place. Come in through the front door and stay as long as you want. My hope is that you’ll pick up a brush or box and help me do some arranging to make this a cozy place for both of us. We’ll laugh when we get lost in the hours together and cry when we can’t find the words.

Perspective is important, so you can look forward to new names appearing on here as I share this white space with other writers as well.

We’re in this together, World. I’m looking forward to walking hand in hand with you along the shorelines of life, curating the courage to walk on water, and setting sail into the sunsets that hold our dreams.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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