Finding Love In The Loneliness

A few months ago I moved into a neighborhood, alone, nowhere near my existing friendships and as you can imagine I started to experience a loneliness in my heart. Several friends suggested online dating, while others offered countless opportunities to volunteer. I grimaced at the thought that God would be glorified in an attempt to fill my brokenness where God longs to make me whole.

Deep down, feeling ‘alone’ is uncomfortable. We desire relationships because that is what God created us for. However, I believe there is an even deeper connection we find in God that relieves our longing, it quenches the soul. Oftentimes, we try to put people in a position only God can hold. We jump from relationship to relationship or sometimes attempt to drown our lives in many relationships at the same time to avoid the deeper pain of being alone.  And truth be told, we attract what we are, meaning brokenness will attract the broken and then all we’re left with is one broken relationship. 

There’s something sweet God gives us in the quietness of our day and I believe it’s that restoration of fullness that forms the foundation we need to build all those other things on. When I’m still, there’s a refreshment that comes from His presence, a tenderness in His comfort, a peace that calms every longing and a joy that soothes my desires. It’s through these moments that I’ve recognized all else will eventually fade in this life, but God Is… Was… and Will Be always there. When the Rock is my everything, I am comfortable with the ‘uncomfortable’, I have strength in my ‘weakness’, a deeper love in my ‘loneliness’ and I’m confident in ‘just being’ where He has me.

I like this quote, “singleness is a calling, not a status”… even if it’s for just a season in life.

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