Do You Believe In Soulmates?

Loving hard with our hearts and hands, and then even harder with our feet,

Asking, caring and wildly serving each other when the world wants our time,

Understanding when the words still bring tears,

Forgiving when the pain is yet fresh,

Humbly accepting failures, even if it’s out of empathy,

Adjusting the words and the way we walk because we have compassion,

relationship, trishakeehn, God made life to be about relationshipLeaning in to the difficult conversations when it’s easier to pull back…

These are character attributes of commitment that simple chemistry and compatibility can’t execute.

No amount of charisma can put Christ in the center or keep Him first.

Being comfortable with someone doesn’t mean it won’t get complicated or have tension at times.

“So do you believe in soul mates?” He wanted to know.

“Well, I guess if I did, I wouldn’t believe in what it takes to make marriage work,” I replied.

Life is more than romance. It’s about relationship.

Long-winded answers like this may keep me single but I’m not willing to settle.

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