Fools Rush In

Wait For Your Mate

The heartbreak of being lonely temporarily is far less painful than the heartbreak of giving your heart to someone permanently and then discovering they didn’t deserve it, leaving you broken and left to start over again.valentine decorations, Target decorations

You don’t even have to walk down the aisles filled with chocolate covered hearts to see that Valentine’s Day is around the corner; the heart-shaped balloons rise above the shelves while splashes of red and pink spill out over the endcaps and shout out with offers in checkout lanes.

If you’re single, the temptation is label your quiet nights as loneliness and exchange the peace in this place where God has you for the romanticized role the rest of the world plays during this time of year.

I want to challenge you to change your pout into praise.

He sees your pain but it’s His love that is keeping you out of the wrong relationship. It is His favor that is telling you ‘no’. He loves you too much. It’s His grace that is protecting you. He is saving you some time if you’ll wait and listen.

God has a significant plan for your life.

His love for you is specific and exclusive to you. He loves you too much to get caught up in writing your story the same as those surrounding you.

He’s working behind the scenes moving some things out of your life right now.

exclusive love, love of GodWhen we hurt, it’s easy to someone into the deep cracks of our heart because their smooth words soothe the aches. But here’s the problem. One day we may realize that the pain is still there and their words were just words, with no substance to hold us as we heal.

Hurting hearts attract other hurting hearts. If you’re hurting, here is your destiny.

A healthy heart attracts the reflection of healing and wholeness.

So let the Creator mend those broken places and bring the right one to you, in the right time.

Taking it one step further; be careful not to let this ‘loneliness’ lure you into platonic relationships that don’t hold you to being a better version of yourself.

You want someone who is encouraging but who also isn’t shy to ask the challenging questions. A friend who will sit with you in the slums of life but who also doesn’t let you stay there.

Every relationship needs filtering through the voice of God and the Word of God over your life. If they don’t fit, they don’t need to remain. Do you trust the Lord, your Provider, to bring you the right team in the right time?

Get direction from God on who’s in your life. Sometimes we forget that even Jesus had to pray about who He surrounded himself with.

Do you want to please people at the expense of your own destiny?

Hold your ground in trusting the Lord to work it all out in His perfect timing.

Life in a Slower Lane

I always wanted to save the world; every homeless man and all the hungry children. My parents thought I’d outgrow it. I never did. I also wanted to be a crime-solving detective so I took investigative reporting for a test drive and found I’m an activist at heart.

Death will shatter walls of insecurity and take away the excuses to wait another day to do what you want to do. My brother was just a year younger than me. Losing my best friend as a teenager unveiled the deep seeded strength my soul found in God; a faith that had been nurtured morning after morning through searching the scriptures for the mystery beneath it all.

be kind, love yourself, trishakeehn.comMy aim is to inspire myself to move forward every day. From the overflow, I hope to inspire female confidence in others. We are so conditioned as women to hate on ourselves and reject compliments. Many of us have been taught that men validate a woman’s self-esteem so we’re left empty when there’s not a ‘he’ in our lives. We have to start by encouraging ourselves and then strive for healthy female influences to fill us. Then maybe we would find our attention in loving others.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to let whatever I do today be enough. If I run two miles and don’t lift weights afterward, it’s okay. I know that I’m enough. Successful enough, smart enough, pretty enough, healthy enough.

There was a time I trusted every single person and was teased for being so naïve. Too many lies and lessons later, I’ve learned to listen to my intuition and the Spirit’s leading. My heart still feels open and I’m ever madly in love with people, yet by the grace of God, I’m also more rooted in reading situations and have come to understand this heart needs protecting.

Thus, over the years, my skin has thickened and my heart softened.

Leaning into love a little more, I’m more obliged to let a man open my door than do it all on my own. And I bask in this sweet gesture. Saying no to someone who offers to help is closing a door.

Doing what I fear helps crack open the seed that helps me grow. I read somewhere that a human’s greatest fear is being alone. When I watch the world spin over the axis of careers, material, and relationships, this conclusion is certainly true for my own life. Taking the leap into living alone, traveling as a party of one, and remaining content as a single woman has been the biggest journey of faith for me.

I’m a believer in the impact of healthy habits, not just physically but emotionally as well. A morning routine of quiet time over coffee has a profound effect on my life. It is essential and helps me to live in the moment. live, laugh, love,

I’ve gotten better at slowing down and being more mindful of myself. My pride used to thrive on crushing it at work, crushing it at the gym, but leaving my mental health at bay. Getting up at 5 a.m. helps me claim the first part of my day in solitude without competing demands for what keeps me grounded.  This is my sweet spot. There’s morning runs or afternoons in weight training. Monthly massages have been a game changer.

My focus is to commit to few demands, narrow the numbers and deepen each one as far as we can go together. Primarily, I look for shoulders wearing interesting layers and vulnerable souls who demonstrate strength over their emotions.

If we were to spend a dreamy day together, it would begin over coffee, unraveling our hearts in the Word. The sun would smile brightly and we would nod to how marvelous He has made this life. I just imagine in the end, that the moon would find us around a fire laughing at how crazy and adventurous this life really is.

Peace for the Holidays

In the quiet, in the stillness, in the chaos, in confusion… In the moment of my weakness, I know that you are God.

Tennessee hiking, Thanksgiving peaceSoaking up the Tennessee sun, I’ve spent the last few days in pure peace hiking in the hills and reflecting over the year. My soul is tender as I laugh out loud recalling some stories. Tears aren’t too far behind as my memory reaches the hard paragraphs too.
I recount the beautiful feet that have crossed my path since last Thanksgiving. No amount of verbs are suffice for how grateful I am to share even a sentence in some of their stories.

In this place of peace, there are no ‘to-do’ lists or tracking time; only grace, greater peace and love from the divine. The Spirit speaks in a language exclusive to the desires of the soul. My mind is at rest, waiting is my pleasure, listening has been my joy.

In the secret of His presence, I am restored.

Power in the Present

Living in ‘what is’ instead of ‘what if’

If you could set up a living space that met your needs today, what would the rooms look like?

I remember the excitement moving in and working with the furniture to make room for gatherings, sleep overs and dinner parties.

Two years later, I’m feeling disappointed that life hasn’t opened more opportunities for lovely faces to enjoy these beautiful spaces. I’m frustrated when I sit in my ‘family’ room without a family. My soul is sad the gift of a guest room feels, cracked foundation, today, tomorrow,, dreams

I wrestle with what is because I’ve been living in what if.

The unsettling today comes from building on a false foundation of tomorrow.

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring. Proverbs 27:1

Plan for the present. This is all we’re promised.

So I dreamed a dream for the walls wrapped around my life presently.

Big beds deserve a big room. Bedrooms are the best with great windows. And football has me falling asleep in front of the t.v. I concluded what I’m sure you just did.

That ‘great’ room just got greater!

Like a child building a blanket fort, I couldn’t stop giggling as I bent the bed mattress around door frames and shimmied the queen into a room now reflecting a woman of royalty.

writer, trishakeehn.comSince I’m super crazy about cupping my ‘wine of the bean’ first thing in the morning, it made sense to put a Keurig pot next to the bed and set on a timer.

As a writer, it is out of convenience to also carve out a corner for my desk just a few feet from the bed; sometimes the Spirit prompts me in the middle of a night.

Mirrors and chandeliers. It’s a little girl’s fairy tale and a grown woman’s fantasy suite. And that’s why I converted my former bedroom into a dreamy dressing room, with floor space to twirl in fancy dresses and lounging chairs to kick up my heels when this happy heart just needs to soak in the moment.

Now that you want to stay in my place, you can have the master bedroom. I’ve kept the guest room just the way it is because this bachelorette still needs space in her life for others.

My heart to heart takeaway here is that I had built walls around a life that wasn’t mine to be living. The space I stepped into every day was reminding my disappointed soul of what I didn’t have.

The stage where I wanted to stand was holding my heart hostage from experiencing the set of something spectacular in the place that God was holding me.

What was stopping me from living today to its fullest potential was my own desire to live for tomorrow.

You need to let go of tomorrow so you can live fully in today.

You may not be single forever. Seize the chance to travel, try new things and look fear in the face.dreams, potential, what if, what is,

Children grow up. Take time to notice and laugh. Let them know they are loved.

Friends don’t always stay. Be intentional with those moments you share.

We are all just a breath away from change.

My hope is that you don’t wait two years to experience what you were meant to live in today.

Exchange ‘what if’ for the power of ‘what is’. It unlocks potential to exceed your dreams.


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What’s holding you back?

I’ve got this guilty love affair with sugar and The Bachelor on a Friday night, especially this season when Mr. Single status is representing my home state.

Sadly, I get sucked into the vortex of other people’s love lives; emotions are high, and the entertainment value even higher. Romance unravels, hearts get broken, and thankfully, it’s not, The Bachelor, the final rose, single life, dating, relationships,

With a carton of coffee caramel ice cream in hand, my heart securely single and the final three love struck ladies left on screen, a shocking elimination silenced living rooms around the world (maybe that’s a bit dramatic).

As the girl getting the goodbye swept away tears, her painful profession reverberated in my ears, “The whole reason of putting my guard up was to deflect this feeling that I’m feeling right now.”

The harsh truth shuddered my skin and skidded all over the tarmac in my mind.

That night alone in my house, a spring of tears erupted and rushed over me like a levee had broken. A sense of sadness over the reality of staying single collided with the grace of a guarded, grieving soul.

I understood her pain. I too had been wading through long seasons of loneliness just so I didn’t jump into a disastrous marriage on lame legs. And then I had deducted that when you’re the only one holding your heart, hurt can’t rip it out.

I had the equation for life all wrong.

The concept of Christ is giving your life over to love and trusting God to raise dead bones from the grave.

Staying single seemed wise to a girl with deep wounds. Year after year, I called it being brave. Yet, I think sometimes we clothe sheepish fear in a big, bad wolf costume and call it courage when it’s really just a coward’s heart dressing up.

Sometimes we get so used to struggling in life that we’re crippled when the striving stops. That woman’s words cut through my comfortable core and struck seeds of control, fear, and shame.

We hold back our hearts with the past, but God wants to rebuild better than before.

As I sat there processing the pain and honesty, it began to tangle in this big knot called hope.

Chances are, you have dug a hole and hid some things too.

In the Parable of the Talents, the guy who buried what he was given got nothing at the end of the story (see Matthew 25: 14-30). Those who walked the line of risk with their treasures were returned double the portion.

Shaking my head. Kingdom transactions don’t make earthly sense.

God’s healing power takes broken, disappointed, desolate places and makes them stronger, encouraged, full – and free!

This should be all the more reason we use everything we’ve got.

So what’s holding you back?

Don’t let the past prevent you from accepting that God mends to multiply in dividends that will satisfy the desires of your heart.

Dancing On Life Lessons

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucious

The falls in life usher new seasons that change the chromatic scale of a soul.

When my life feels tangled up with complicated cords, I jump. Four years ago, my work and relationship empire began to crumble. Under pressure, I plunged from the pain and got twisted up in an exhilarating free fall that had me parachuting into the world of dance.

Some lessons later, I was swinging away the blues with a new focus. In class, I stumbled over the feet of a confident partner who was a little cocky in his push and pull, which I enjoyed. We swiveled West Coast Swing into any space we could.

The leaves formed and fell as my dancing feet moved with the rhythm of life. And then, a new season came, swaying my course into a new city. Reluctantly, I boxed up another chapter.

Dust settled on the shine of those dancing shoes as unfortunate circumstances chiseled away at the emotional edges of walls I had built.

I clung to my brokenness, and stuffed my soul with the false security of familiarity.

And yet, God met me with mercy in those tears, as He unwrapped the wounds and purified the bleeding pain. He revealed fresh layers of faith and revived buried passions.

This year has been a journey of beginnings. So it should not surprise you that last week, I took a leap right into Lindy Hop; back into the world of dance.

In the sway of those old songs, I was reminded a good dancer is one who follows the tender touch communicating which way go. This is a lesson for me in life, as sometimes it can be a struggle to restrain my tendency to control things with others and with God. Truthfully, I discovered a greater freedom in following the gentle nudges and flick of a wrist that send me sailing left over right in a thrilling twist of surprise and pure joy.

A dance begins on trust; otherwise, partners will fumble and fall over footwork. Expressions with the hands and body inspire each other in speechless conversations. I feel a blanket of peace covering my mistakes because I know this partner is a step ahead of me with his arms held out to catch me in a fall.

dancing on life lessons

As you’ve been reading this, I hope you caught the reflection of God as your partner in the dance of life.

It can be difficult to close your eyes and concede control when you don’t know a companion, much less the dance. Yet, the only way to experience the thrill that comes with taking chances is to trust. Trust the One who is already ahead of you in the dance.

He will never let you go. Even when you’ve flung yourself so far away and gotten twisted up in the momentum of your mistakes, He’s always waiting to whirl you back in; He welcomes with open arms on the return.

When you place your confidence in the palm of His hand, this unspoken permission allows Him to gently shimmy you in the way to go. It also grants Him access to press into your steps to stop and steer the course before you spin out of control.

You may be like me, with a tendency to escape pain, the unknown, and sometimes things that seem too good to be true.

There is no escape from the grip of God’s grace, interwoven and wrapped around every fiber of our being. He goes with us into the dances we do around life’s hard stuff so that we can discover the deeper love from a Father who never walks away, no matter what we’ve done.

God leaves the pattern of His fingerprint on every experience we encounter. When we know the lines in His hand and let them sink deep into our hearts, the imprint of His image stamps our soul with the Spirit’s seamless whispers, ‘I love you, I love you’.

Press into Him and feel the beat of His heart. Get close enough to taste the breath escaping His lungs through His lips.

Pray. Study Him. Seek His attention.

Open your eyes and notice His personalized expressions of love and beauty surrounding you. His embrace is warm and tender, His heart is compassionate and kind. He is for you. The identity of your first love is waiting to be discovered. The King is asking you for this dance.

The Gray In Black and White

Did you know that those who are deaf cannot understand ‘gray’ words?

Sign language only knows how to say something in black and white. It cannot reproduce vague, cluttered, flumbling sentences. If you are someone who tends to speak with rabbit trails down a muddy path, you’ll find a confused deaf person point up with one hand and form a “T” over the top with another, which translates as “get to the point”.

blurred lines, trishakeehn.comWish washy words can be used as a crutch to blur lines we’re hesitant to stand on. Afterall, isn’t that why we alter the crisply finished Word of God with a modern day, watered down version of stories? We gray the lines that were once black and white to soften the blow of a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’.

This pre-washed approach used to temper and tone down God’s message creates an average quality of Truth that can be found in books bound with a self help sticker.

The tightly woven words of God, like a great pair of jeans, are finished in such a way that prevent fraying, fading or raveling and don’t require altering.

Another thought. I wonder if sometimes we’re so deaf to God’s words and are secretly signing back to Him with our frustration and stress, “get to the point, get to the point”.

Kristin Neff, author of the book “Self Compassion”, used the terms “coffin of conventionality” as she referred to a complacent lifestyle.

When I tune into the changes happening around me, I wonder, have I fallen into this grave too? Or do I rush these sweet moments of singleness with my stripped down, snappy prayers that sound more like, get-to-the-point, God? Oh, forgive me Father, for my fleeting feelings that leave me content one moment and headlong hurried in another.

In all honesty, there’s a laundry list of areas where I am tempted to gray the lines from the black and white boundaries painted on the canvas of my heart, just to loosen up the spectrum a bit.

Where are those places you blur the black and white of what you know you should do? Are you slightly sighing in your setbacks, pointing up to the sky with a striking crossbar temper that says, “get to the point, God”?

We have such a merciful God. He is meeting us here, on this platform of questions and I pray He nudges you in those places that need some ironing out.

Facing Fear and the Truth

Three years ago, when I turned 30 (for the first time), my heart skipped a billion beats in anticipation of the glorious days this era would bring.

This is when life begins.

It is the monumental moment when a 20-something mistake-maker finally grows into a mature and sophisticated version of herself, with less baby fat.

The first few moments were great! But in the following months, everything came crumbling down. My job. Relationship. Friendships.

And my health. A brisk walk was no longer burning off that pumpkin spice latte! I failed to factor an aging body into my fantasy of a ripe, slightly older age.

With my imagination zapped by this rather rude reality, another nightmare ravaged my picturesque vision of 30… Adult acne.

I’m talking about cystic craters too deep for even over-the-counter creams and pill-popping prescriptions to zap.

Disturbed by my appearance, I caked on clearasil and tried facials, doctors, and dermatologists. Helplessly, the barrage of blemishes continued to plague my life.

If you’re a man reading this, it may mean nothing. If you’re a woman, you probably feel my pain.

Society makes it worse with its infatuation of a selfie-centered culture. Sure, I can keep my camera at bay, but friends and family are a different story. Everyone wants a picture. Smile. Cheese. Snap. It’s done before you know it.

Two years went by and my face was still a mess. I opted to see skin ‘aesthetician’. She suggested a procedure that would extract cysts caught beneath the surface of skin. A fine needle injected several skin layers deep, heats to the temperature of lava. Painful? That’s an understatement.

The nurse gave this disclaimer when she finished the hour long session: What you’re about to see will heal in about a month or two.

IMG_20121201_205516My heart hiccuped at “a month or two”. Where was that vital note an hour ago?

Blood flow stopped when I saw the reflection.

Embarrassment. Humiliation. Sadness. Any little bit of self esteem I was holding onto, all flushed out the moment that mirror reflected hideous wounds on my face.

My mind conceded in defeat. How could I face job interviews looking like this? How could I be seen in public?

For fear a depression could lead to that dark place I had been just a year before, I bought a one-way ticket home to heal.

It was December. My folks were happy there was timeline on my stay. However, my heart grew heavy as every distant relative cringed at first sight of the scabs. The infamous family gathering Q & A’s ensued, reminding me that I still had no job, no house and no plan.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” Proverbs 17:22

Under the exhausting, emotional pressure, my fake confidence finally collapsed in tears. Discreetly, I took my meltdown to the bathroom. Never have I seen a room with so many mirrors. Gigantic reflections all staring back at me and projecting the very image I now hated.

Standing face to face with the fear, I saw another reflection. A deep-rooted bitterness. Anger. Pride. Defeat.

This scarred tragedy on the surface was transparent to the emotional crisis going on underneath.

The outside concerns distracted my reflection of an inside condition.

As I peered past my skin and saw my soul, my  mind understood the deep rooted pain buried beneath. This is when my focus shifted.

My knees met the ground with prayers for a sickness others couldn’t see. For restitution. For restoration. For peace.

Suffering can produce unspeakable intimacy with our Creator. Never more than in the furnace of my affliction have I experienced the profound presence of God.

My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Job 42:5

The fire refined jagged edges and impure desires. In my weakness of pain and suffering, God purified and polished a radiant bride of Christ.

…I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction. Isaiah 48:10

My mistakes still blemish the beauty of His design, but suffering produced character and growth (James 1:2-4). God used these hardships to mature my faith and develop a resilient spirit.

He can redeem pain in our lives. We serve a God and Savior who knows suffering.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Through this suffering, the transformation of my mind has blossomed into a beautiful daughter, mirroring her Father’s image. Though I know suffering will still come in seasons, my heart is awakened and wrapped up in His love, basking in the glorious gift of His presence today.

You may be reading this in the midst of your own suffering. Perhaps a lot of things have come against you and it seems like the more you pray, the worse it gets. You might be doing the right thing, yet the wrong thing is happening. It would be easier to throw in the towel now.

Look closer. Stand steady. Rest in His Truth. You’ve come too far to stop.

Whenever life gets difficult and the lies bombard your mind, that’s the time to dig in your heels. Put on a new attitude because you are closer to real freedom and victory.

Doing the right thing in the midst of our pain and suffering when it feels so wrong, is what grows us in deeper places and stays with us longer than what’s on the surface.

Instead of being bitter and discouraged, look in the mirror and see through the surface. Keep standing, keep praying, keep hoping and stay in faith even as the intensity turns up!

Jesus, my Healer and Deliverer, You have seen the things I’ve been through. You know what I’ve had to endure. And I trust You. I see the places you have taken me from and I am encouraged by Your promises that this is not my destination. You are working behind the scenes.

I have full confidence my current suffering is refining and growing my intimacy with You, Heavenly Father, as perseverance leads me in the path to victory. I keep my faith and trust in You and expect to see Your mighty hand in Jesus’ name! Amen.

Living With Certainty

Satan rose up against Israel and caused David to take a census of the people of Israel. So David said to Joab and the commanders of the army, “Take a census of all the people of Israel—from Beersheba in the south to Dan in the north—and bring me a report so I may know how many there are.” God was very displeased with the census, and he punished Israel for it. Then David said to God, “I have sinned greatly by taking this census. Please forgive my guilt for doing this foolish thing.” 1 Chronicles 21:1-2, 7-8 NLT

I sat stumped with questions after reading this verse this morning in my quiet time. Why did David take this census? Fear? Pride? David defeated a giant already, did He not trust the Almighty would have his back in this fight too?

In 2 Samuel it says God allowed Satan to tempt David with this census.

I think David immediately wanted to assess his military strength. Sounds wise but this suggests David is more concerned in his own capabilities than God’s power.

Where is this man’s confidence? Of all people, wouldn’t we think Donatello's David Renaissance statue in Florence ItalyDavid’s reliance on God would be so concrete after his epic victory over ‘the’ giant?

I think this shows no matter how many battles God goes to bat for us, and no matter how huge these victories are, we continually forget how powerful our God really is.

We have not grasped the fullness of faith in our Conqueror, when we walk in a world that measures success by the size of it’s competition.

I feel this way in the midst of difficulties; I am tempted to doubt. I too ‘take a census’ to size up the giant I’m up against.

In the pay raise I don’t get but undoubtedly deserve; I’m tempted to measure my success in dollars saved to the company and present a new argument to the committee.

In the stillness of being alone; I’m tempted to gripe about the misery and depression (which I believe I’ve already done here).

In the looming deadline of a dream project that I’m trying to find time, and inspiration for; I’m tempted to blow off every interaction with friends and family to force the free spirit.

But, when I give into the temptation, it makes me worry even more.

So I’ll go first, starting today, with certainty in the power of Christ instead of a ‘census’.

It’s time to throw off the enemy’s temptation to doubt and rest on the Truth of God’s Word. And if I do need reassurance in God’s hand of favor, I’ll just look back at all the Goliaths my Mighty Warrior has helped me defeat!

Are you living with certainty or still taking a census every time you come up against a battle?

Living Without Limits

When God sees you, He sees unlimited possibility. He sees unlimited potential. He sees unlimited resources. God’s grace and favor in your life enables you to become what He sees. He is faithful.

“He raised us up together with Him…that He might clearly demonstrate through the ages to come the immeasurable (limitless, surpassing) riches of His free grace (His unmerited favor)…” Ephesians 2:6-7

I’ve been listening to Pastor Judah Smith speak at my church ( about God’s agape love for us. We have a God who knows the past and doesn’t hold it against us, but we also serve a God who knows the future and all the painful decisions we’re about to make, and He still doesn’t hold that against us. He loves us in the present. His love prevails today.

This concept rocked my world to think of the unchanging love of God. I set limits on my life because I don’t understand this kind of faithfulness. I cannot comprehend this kind of non-judgmental goodness. A God who knows darkness and still showers us in love.

I limit God’s work of love in my life because I don’t fully understand His unfading affections. I limit God in my thinking and doubt that He can still love me, with all His might, in my moment of weakness. I limit my steps with unbelief that He will catch me when I go broke and fall.

It’s a struggle to separate my conditional kind of love from the unconditional nature of God.

I’m thinking about in the book of Mark when Jesus couldn’t do mighty works in a particular town because of the unbelief of the people? The limits I put on my life can prevent the hand of Jesus from doing a work here.

Pastor Judah put it in perspective: God loves bad people. God doesn’t waste His love.

I felt so empowered by this. Even when I’m a bad person, God is loving me in that moment. There’s nothing that can hinder or diminish His kind of love.

Just this past week I struggled through a broken heart, burdened by heart beatloneliness from the Father. Today, my passion is blazing once again. Free in His everlasting love. My heart is awakened to His devotion, His love, not mine. In confidence, I’m stepping out in faith and expectancy. I know He created a life of open doors for His work to be accomplished, and I’m ready to walk through them. Multiply it, Lord.

I’m losing the limits. I’m ready to live the limitless life He has prepared for me!

Father, Your unlimited love and grace astonishes me. I know You have good things in store for me. Help me to remove the limits I’ve projected on my life and live in the abundant joy of Your surpassing love. I give You everything that I am and ask that You use me for Your glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.