Patience = Provision

I’ve been pursuing a career of my dreams with Dave Ramsey. Helping others help themselves… that’s one of my passions in life. God directed me to leave my home and follow this dream, my perception was that the job would fall right in my lap. I realized after 4 weeks, God had other plans as I tried to push myself through the doors. That’s one of the great mysteries in Gods work, it rarely happens how you think. Reminding myself His way is always best, I gave up trying so hard and gave in to wholeheartedly pursuing God first.

Theres a statistic that reads “Hiring rate is 1% at Dave Ramsey; Harvard’s acceptance rate is 6.9%”. I suddenly felt so small in such a large sea of applicants. But I reminded myself, God is so much bigger than all of this… and He surely can handle a meager 1% statistic. About a month later, while sitting on my porch on a hot day in deep reflection, I got a call from Dave’s office, out of the blue. “We’d like to talk to you,” they said. Tears flowed down my face as the first and only thing on my mind was to get on my knees and thank God for the opportunity.

Ten Commandments For Crisis Control

I stumbled upon an article containing tips to control a crisis with a brand. As I read the list, it became evident these tips are relevant to more than just a job; this is a good list for anyone enduring and trying to survive a relational crisis as well.

1) Disclose Disclose Disclose
Everything that can come out will come out. All to often its not the “crime” but the “coverup” that causes most of the lasting damage.

2) Give ’em The Full Monty
Original actions may seem insignificant compared to mistakes made after the fact. Seize the moment to put out the entire story.

3) Stop Digging When You’re In A Hole
Its human nature to succumb to the pressures of the moment that invariably push you into making the situation worse. Resist the pull.

4) Know Your Audience
Identify the most important person you’re trying to reach and pitch your message to them. Every successful stand-up comedian knows this cold.

5) Repeat Repeat Repeat
Determine the key points to get across and stay focused on them. Reiterate your message at every opportunity. Discipline is crucial.

6) Think On Your Seat, Not On Your Feet
Be prepared with detailed answers to some tough questions. The smallest discrepancy can get magnified into the biggest problem.

7) Be Straight About What You Know
And about what you don’t know. Your credibility is at stake–and others can easily discern hedged answers and half-truths.