Remembering Loved Ones

The evidence of a story is in the lines they leave across the face.

Distance can deliver a hard truth that separates two souls. But time, time is a treasure that heals with all the parts it won’t let us forget.

20 years have blown by, the seasons have changed many times, sometimes with the bite of a howling winter wind.time, healing, losing a loved one, death

A tidal wave of thoughts will still soak my face in memories, though all I can do is learn to swim. The calm eventually comes because strong is the only choice we have here.

My lips lead with thanksgiving for all the stories we shared. I wouldn’t trade the storms; that’s where we lived the dance and leaned in with tender care.

Thank you, Father, for the change this one life has made, in his living years and even after death. The depth of loss sheds light on the richness of life. Without knowing the valley, we cannot really know the height.

Time does not separate us. The echo of a voice and the outline of a sweet face is never too far. All these years later, his life still touches a place in my heart. Time is what changes us.

May our hearts remain sensitive to the brevity of life as we breathe in love and peace and blow out the joy of this grace we have in Jesus.

In Loving Memory of my beloved brother, Michael.
(October 17, 1982 – November 14, 1996)

The Voice of Courage

Still Lives

memorial day, flag, remembering heroes, When the sun falls below the horizon, evidence of its work remains for some time. The skies continue to glow a bit longer after it is gone.

In the same way, when a great person’s life comes to that final sunset, the skies of this world stay illuminated with traces of bravery and courage long after they are out of view. This kind of extraordinary person does not die from this world. When they depart they leave much of themselves behind. From the grave, their voice still speaks.

Remembering the extraordinary men and women who have gone before us with their courage and still have a voice in our world today.trail run, memorial day, remembering heroes

I want you to remember that life isn’t just about getting what you want. Sometimes it involves giving up the things you love for what you love even more.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

happy birthday, cakeThough some leave before we can say goodbye, tender memories of that life together can still shed tears.

Fear says we’ll forget with time, but as the calendar pages flip, now nearly 20 years later, my soul still lights up on October 17. It’s the birthday of someone special to my soul, a partner in crime for 14 years.

Special people leave the earth with their footprints stamped on our soul. We can choose to celebrate the gift of their life or sulk in the sadness that they are gone.

If you look closely, you’ll catch a glimpse of my brother’s gratitude for life, forever stained on the hearts he met. His charm still echoes in our ears.

Captivated by his character and blessed to be by his side, not a year goes by that I don’t celebrate this life we were given.

It’s only 10 a.m. and the cake has already been cut. I’ve got a ticket to the movies with dinner and dessert at a favorite restaurant. It’s a sweet day I’ve got mapped out in his memory. Cheers, Michael Keehn! And Happy Birthday, Brother. ‪ #‎brotherbyblood‬ ‪#‎brotherbyfaith‬ ‪#‎butfirstcake‬

Hello world!

Welcome to a new .com for me.

Spring cleaning can get rid of the clutter, but when all that’s left is valuable content, we’ve got to move into a bigger place with potential to grow.

A look around the place and it is clear I have just received the keys, and haven’t yet unpacked the widgets or painted the walls. Moving into a new space is exciting but it sure does take a lot more work than anticipated!

The welcome mat is at least in place. Come in through the front door and stay as long as you want. My hope is that you’ll pick up a brush or box and help me do some arranging to make this a cozy place for both of us. We’ll laugh when we get lost in the hours together and cry when we can’t find the words.

Perspective is important, so you can look forward to new names appearing on here as I share this white space with other writers as well.

We’re in this together, World. I’m looking forward to walking hand in hand with you along the shorelines of life, curating the courage to walk on water, and setting sail into the sunsets that hold our dreams.

Our Daily Bread

God has been revealing to me a correlation between our daily supply in His word and the manna He provided to the Israelites. 

The people fed off of God’s daily provision; they were not allowed to store up extra for the days or weeks to come. I hear God saying this is how it is with His word. We can’t store up a week’s worth of the Word from what is given to us on Sunday, but rather, we must seek Him every day and be fed from His daily supply in the word.

The Sting and The Salt

There are times when the things of the past, our former ways, come to the surface of our ’new being created in the likeness of Christ’. And in repentance of this old nature, we feel the pain and sorrow grieving God for the choice we made. 1 Corinthians tells us sin/death will ’sting’.

Today, God’s living word began to stir in my heart, revealing attitudes and ways of a former self in need deliverance. I crawled to my knees in abandonment as His mighty hand held my heart. A Godly sorrow poured out the pain in many heavy tears as I renounced this ’old’ self. And as each teardrop fell, I felt a literal sting slide down my face containing carried pain and burdens I’ve been harboring. One after another, my sorrows streamed across my cheeks like the sting of salt on a wound.

Two days ago, I received a medical chemical peel on my face. The old calloused and conditioned skin is now dead and has mostly peeled off, revealing a newer, fresh, more pure and sensitive face. I heard God say this: “Those tears represent each burden and pain of an old nature. The sting of those sins are felt only to the new creation I have revealed.”

You see, a man stuck in his ways cannot feel the sting of death carried in his sin; he is conditioned and calloused to its ’pain’-just as the outer layer of my face had become conditioned for those salty tears. But when a new creation is revealed, the ’sting’ of an old nature can truly be felt.

“The newness” of Christ has covered me. God didn’t create us for the sting of death/sin. When we are renewed in Him and “put off the ways of our former self”, we become more sensitive to the ’sting’.

For me, I am reminded of this: In each of those tears I shed, there were burdens… and there was the salt. Jesus IS the Salt. And this much i know, though it stings in the moment, Salt heals like no other! Amen!

We have nothing without faith

I have progressed into the “top 3” for a marketing position with my dream job and its nearly a month and a half since the interview process began. One thing I’m terrible at and have been praying much for is patience… and you know what God does when we pray for something; He gives an opportunity to work on it. In the meantime,  He’s also provided “a way out” for the temptation to become impatient by providing me with a temporary income that is sufficient for all my needs. Each time my heart gets a little restless with wanting my dream job to start right now, I’m reminded very quickly that He got me this far and He’s meeting my needs today. I am learning to wait on His perfect timing with security in who I know my God to be; El Elyon, El Shaddai, Jehovah Jireh, Immanuel.

If He is for us

What I’m learning now is that what my eyes see as a winding highway to ‘my destination’, God laid out as a straight path there. What I think are several pit stops along the way to the “job of my dreams” are actually the tools… those learning experiences I need developed by the time I get there. He doesn’t divert His plans. It’s when we take our eyes off Him that we sidetrack ourselves. So my strategy is to just stay focused on Him and not let the ‘little stuff’ get in my line of sight or worry me or distract my thoughts with negativity.

The truth we can all cling to is… He is good and He is for us and that’s all I need to remember.